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For this assignment, I found various sources, of all different types. The Monaco sources or the book and journal article sources are accurate and reliable because I found them both through the university’s library catalog or the Mason catalog. They were both in databases called EBSCOhost and the book in ProQuest Ebook Central. The book’s publisher is also Johns Hopkins University Press. The other was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Social History. Both are fairly recent with the journal article being published in 2015 and the book being published in 2018. The web page I used for a source is credible because I came from the Seminole Nation Museum which prides itself on informing the public on the Seminole people. The tone is academic and professional. According to the museum’s website, it boasts an artifact storage area and research library.

The Monaco sources are credible because the author is a Courtesy Professor at the University of Florida. The journal article has a professional tone and includes an abstract at the beginning. It also cites sources throughout with footnotes and ends up using 111 of them. The author uses primary sources as well as secondary sources all of which are scholarly. The purpose is stated in the abstract and is to examine the state of health and medicine during the Second Seminole War and examine the effect it had on the troops especially the U.S. ones who caught malaria in great numbers.

The Monaco book also includes footnotes and a full bibliography full of sources that are secondary and primary all of which are scholarly. The book is written in a professional tone. The purpose of the book is to fill the gaps of knowledge to see how the war affected the entire country. Especially since before it there was only one major book fifty years ago at the time.

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