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The Dade Massacre – Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1 of The Historian’s Notebook Podcast: The Dade Massacre

There are certainly new challenges I faced when creating this podcast episode since the medium is so different when compared to the written word. One problem I came across was with the script I wanted to make the podcast interesting, but also professional. I also wasn’t sure how many words would result in at least 7 minutes, but obviously, I met that mark. I needed to learn the Audacity software and even though the program is kind of old looking to newer technology it was easy to use. Another challenge was audio quality. I hate bad audio quality and while I have a headset with a mic it’s not high quality. Another challenge was that I didn’t know exactly where to put the mic to get the best sound, but I also got myself breathing which I dislike so next time I make a podcast I position to mic further away from my mouth to make the sound more pleasant. Youtubers and podcaster’s usually have a mic shield or pop filter to make the sound better.

Some challenges that could occur when podcasting for history. Some people don’t digest information as well in audio form and learn better by reading as I do. Another potential challenge is that images and supplementary material such as quotes or primary sources can’t be shown to the audience so you have to link it somewhere so they can find it.


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