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The Seminole War Timeline

My timeline’s theme is the events that led to the rest of the Native American conflicts and the Trail of Tears. The timeline relates to the First Seminole War and the false treaties that led to the Second Seminole War. I didn’t include the first battle of the Second Seminole War because I was interested in what led up to the conflict instead of the conflict itself. The events from Fowltown Attacked to the Indian Removal Act relate to First Seminole War and what events set up the Second Seminole Wat because these events allowed the United States to have sovereignty over Florida and be allowed to force the Native Americans to move. The timeline’s events are chosen by their importance in how they influence the lives of Native Americans for the decades to come. What events led mainly in this time period to the forcing of Native Americans out of their homes and onto reservations. This is why I included the first invasion of and the ceding of Florida to the United States. This led to Native Americans living on land under new landlords who didn’t want them living there while the Spanish allowed them to continue their lives undisturbed. The U.S. acquiring Florida also now allowed Congress to force the Native Americans to move elsewhere. Andrew Jackson’s election was included as well because his election directly led to the Indian Removal Act and the various treaties that led to the Trail of Tears.

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